Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put this page together in hopes that it will assure you and yours of the best drive in experience. If you have any other questions, please feel free to message us in the contact us page!
Have a ‘REEL’ good time!!

How do we receive the sound?

Sound is transmitted through FM transmitter to your vehicle radio at station 105.9. If you prefer not to use the radio in your vehicle, you are more than welcome to bring your own portable radio which can be used to hear the sound as well.

Are there concessions?

Food trucks and a concession are on site for every movie. You are welcome to bring your own food and snacks if you wish! Alcohol is not permitted.

Can we leave at any time?

Yes! You are welcome to leave the site at any time. However, it would be appreciated if you could wait until intermission, between movies to exit. If you do need to leave while a movie is playing, please refrain from turning on your headlights until you are past the gates. If you need assistance, staff are on site wearing safety vests and available to help.

What if my battery dies?

We got you covered! If you have any trouble with your battery and getting your vehicle started, please make your way to the concession stand or projection truck. We have booster packs on site ready to help get your engine running and you on your way!

What if I can’t turn my lights off?

Engaging the emergency brake will work for many vehicles to get those lights to turn off. If not, please bring a blanket, black garbage bags, or something that you can place over those pesky lights so as to not disturb you or others from the perfect view!

Are there washrooms?

Yes! We have porta potties and fully functional washrooms on site: cleaned, lighted, sanitized and well equipped for your gotta go needs!

Are dogs allowed?

We LOVE dogs and all sorts of furry friends, however we are unable to allow any pets into the drive in. Yes, it’s too bad 🙁

Which movie plays first?

Movies are listed in order that they are played.

What time should we arrive so we get a good spot?

Gates open one hour prior to show time. Parking staff are on site to assist in parking every vehicle according to size, if you wish to forward or back in, and staggered so as to give every single spot a perfect viewing position!