About Us

The idea behind High River’s Sunset Drive-In is to open the drive-in to charities to host, with half of the proceeds going to those charities and the other half to pay for the equipment and improvements on the site.

The gentlemen spear-heading this blast back to Pop Culture, are local businessmen and partners: Roger Hamel and Wes Shaw. The group also hopes the drive-in will help drive more economic activity into the area.

High River Mayor Craig Snodgrass hopes so too…

“Whenever you’re doing an event that will bring outside people closer to town — maybe they go to the drive-in, maybe they zip into town for supper beforehand — all of those things are just little pieces that mean a lot to the businesses.”

The response from the community and surrounding areas has already been huge. The group expects it will have to sell tickets online to control the number of people who want to come and check it out.

The group hopes to start by playing movies by mid July and added it’s about more than entertainment.

“Everyone’s excited … this will be a great thing for High River.”

– Jeff Langford